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Healthcare without borders.

We're passionate about making healthcare as accessible as possible, especially for those living in remote, rural areas who face many barriers to accessing health centres/care on a normal day. Having built the clinic at Maphiveni and now partnered with the Horst Family for the Sihawu clinic in Nsoko, we are impacting many community members in rural Eswatini on a daily.

Sihawu Clinic in Nsoko

Our clinics primarily focus on delivering HIV Testing services as this is the heart of the organization, however, we do also provide dentistry, cancer screening, ultrasound, and access to our pharmacy at Maphiveni. The clinic in Nsoko provides access to general medical services including HIV testing services, as well as creates sustainability by supplying primary health care to local employers by subscription. We also facilitate weekly medical outreaches where we go into the communities, bring compassion and hope to those who are isolated and impoverished.

Medical Outreach by Sihawu clinic at Nsubane

We have doctors volunteering at both clinics on a weekly basis and we are now in the process of registering medical aid companies so that any patient with this healthcare benefit can be seen at any of the two clinics. This will further improve our accessibility methods, reducing barriers of entry and creating sustainability as this will allow us to generate an income for the volunteer medical professionals.

Volunteers at Kudvumisa Community clinic

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