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About CHIPS Missionary Volunteers

Jessica Bohannon interacting with children in Eswatini

Jessica Bohannon

Jessie Bohannon has been living and working as a nurse volunteer in Eswatini Africa since 2008 and has been working with Kudvumisa since 2016. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Northern Colorado in 2005. For her first 7 years in Swaziland, she worked as a community health nurse reaching children through mobile clinics, treating the sick, and advocating for the vulnerable. Now as a nurse in the CHIPS program she provides treatment for HIV to the communities through the mobile outreaches, coordinates the nursing office, and loves to create new systems to maximize our reach.

Jessie, alongside her medical ministry, is passionate about serving in the local church and loves to minister alongside her team through music and reaching the youth of Eswatini.

Donate to Jessie directly at World Outreach Ministries or at Kudvumisa Foundation's donate page.

Bringing LIFE to the isolated, marginalized, and impoverished.

Photo of the Horst Family

The Horst Family

Nelson and Meghann Horst are from Honey Brook, PA. After meeting in their senior year of high school, they formed a fast friendship that ultimately led to their marriage in 2001. They have 3 children: Wesley (’03), Connor (’07) & Maddie (’09).

Nelson grew up in Lancaster, PA, working in the family-owned tree business from the age of 14. In 2005, he had the opportunity to study in a 2-year intensive horticulture program at Longwood Gardens, which led to work in landscape and landscape design. He eventually found his way back to tree care and became certified in arboriculture and integrated pest management. Known as a jack of all trades, he has found himself in multiple situations learning new skills and techniques. Some of this includes beekeeping, carpentry, building design and equipment maintenance.

He is lovingly known to his wife as an “information junkie” as he is always researching what he wants to know to learn and then be able to implement it. This includes his love for the Scriptures. Over the years he has immersed himself in the study of God’s Word and loves the opportunities he gets to teach and share the Gospel with others.  

Out of high school, Meghann pursued her calling to become a nurse. She graduated in 2003 from Eastern Mennonite University, with the hopes of one day working in hospice. Instead, God directed her into the specialty of oncology, where she worked both inpatient and outpatient until 2015. While she loved patient care and the opportunity to work outside of the home, it was then that God directed her into homeschooling their children full time. Looking back, they are so thankful for this transition as it helped prepare them for their move to Swaziland.

Over the course of their marriage, Nelson & Meghann had always discussed the possibility of overseas missions. As life happened, they didn’t pursue it but watched as God brought the calling to them. During a Wednesday evening church service, Meghann was touched by the testimony of a short-term team that had spent time in Swaziland. Immediately she knew that she wanted to go on the next trip and began praying for God to open the door. In a matter of months, she found herself on a plane traveling to the continent she had always said she’d never go to, following what God was asking of her.

The trip changed her life, and she came home with no other adjective than unsettled. She knew that God had altered something for her but was unsure of what it meant. She was ready to return the following year with the church, but God had other plans. He shut every door she tried to go through and instead sent Nelson.

Nelson will tell you that it took him longer to realize that God was calling him to Swaziland but knew something was happening when asked what his life response would be to this short-term experience. After Nelson returned, the couple watched as God systematically removed anything rooting them to their lives, home, and jobs in PA. He was asking them to step out in faith – to move to another country to pursue the calling He had placed on their hearts from an incredibly young age.

In 2018, Nelson, Meghann and their kids boarded the plane to start their new life in Eswatini. After adjusting to culture shock, home sickness and all the nuances of living abroad, God has begun to settle them here.

Their kids have settled in to a routine and a home-school co-op that gives them structure and a consistent friend base. Nelson is always keeping busy with building projects, building relationships, and teaching the Word. Meghann is working again as a nurse in the local clinic to help reach the unreached communities in Southern Lubombo. They are excited to continue to pour into those around them, being the hands and feet of Jesus to anyone they meet.

You can support the Horst's at Kudvumisa Foundation's donate page.

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Rachel Parks

Rachel Parks is a nurse  from Columbus, Ohio who’s been working  in the pediatric ICU at Nationwide Children’s Hospital for the last four years. She recently graduated with a masters in Global Public Health with the aim of wanting to improve every person’s holistic health in communities and their access to quality healthcare. She will be  joining the Kudvumisa Foundation in 2024, helping to serve the people in Eswatini as we work to improve the communities’ health, knowledge, and skills. Rachel’s call to missions began at a young age. This was sparked by 6th grade mission trip where they served many inner-city communities in Cleveland, Ohio. It was the realization of how underserved these areas were that developed her desire to do mobile medical clinics to serve similar populations that were, in many ways, being overlooked. 

In 2017, during her sophomore year of college, she made her first trip to Africa, and fell in love with the people and the culture. Rachel also speaks of how she felt her sense of purpose for the first time in her  life during that trip. Having served with an organization similar to Kudvumisa, Rachel  realized that mobile clinics were making many differences in underprivileged communities. In 2021 and 2022, she returned to Uganda where she  volunteered in a clinic in Kaabong; a community in one of the poorest regions of Uganda. In her own words, “This is where I witnessed the poorest communities and highest rate of poverty I have ever seen. These trips opened my eyes to the suffering of underserved, impoverished villages that needed not only physical healing, but spiritual, holistic healing.”


You can support Rachel through our donate page.

Are you called to overseas missions? Challenging, frustrating, invigorating, fulfilling, devastating are all words that could describe working in non familiar cultures. But knowing you are a part of sharing God's love and compassion to a fallen world is enough! Download our missionary application if this resonates with you!

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