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Ministry Teams in Eswatini

Early mornings, late nights, over climbing mountains and across billowing sugarcane fields, our team at Kudvumisa provides compassionate and competent medical services to the people of our 25+ communities. We pour our hearts and time into what we do with the love of Jesus at our fingertips.

The past several months has seen teams from North Carolina, Louisiana, Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas and Florida take the time to pour into both the communities we serve as well as our staff. Empowering, validating, and encouraging us to continue the good fight as we make a difference one life at a time.

Literally hundreds were ministered to physically and spiritually through the medical outreaches where each person that came was seen by one of the medical professionals making up the teams and then prayed for at our ministry tent.  Ministry and training for our staff included Helping Babies Breath, Trauma Informed Care, Trauma Healing, Emergency medical treatment and discipleship/leadership sessions.  One of the teams did a women’s ministry day for our sewing ladies and staff women, and another team did a women’s ministry day in one of the communities that we work in.  Other Ministry into the communities included one-on-one prayer at homesteads, giving out and teaching using the Days for Girls packs.  Two teams contributed to the progress of the Guest House on the property (#Sustainability) while several of the teams helped with sorting equipment and supplies in the main and dental clinics.

We are so grateful for all of the teams from the US that we had this year!

Our medical team works hard reaching the hard to reach. This season of teams investing in Kudvumisa has given us a fresh renewal and strength only found in Him to press forward to see our communities’ physical and spiritual breakthrough one life at a time.

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