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Equipped to make a difference: Libumba Community Disability Worker Training.

Libumba Inclusion Initiative, a Christian faith-based organization working to support children living with impairments (and one of our partners), completed their Community Disability Worker training. The program, which was a year-long and part-time, was undergone by 12 women, two of which are members of the Kudvumisa Community clinic team.

Hlobsile and Clara from our staff were part of the 12 advocates who invested their time towards learning about what it means to love, care for, and include children living with disabilities. They also met with mothers of children with disabilities and did practical learning from time to time. All in all, the program equipped all the graduates on how to make an impact in their rural and remote communities which are often rife with stigma and discrimination.

Well done to the Libumba team for facilitating the program and all the amazing women who are now community disability workers. We are incredibly proud of their hard work and commitment to gaining the right knowledge on disability, child development, inclusion, and even themselves! What phenomenal and brave individuals.

We can only hope that as they return to their communities and families, they can be agents of change, transformation, and inclusivity. You can follow updates from Libumba Inclusion Initiative by liking their Facebook page.

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