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Beyond Clinic Walls: How Community Medical Outreaches Deliver Healthcare

Imagine for a moment: you need medical attention, something critical. A nagging cough that won't quit, a tightness in your chest. But due to circumstances, seeking that care feels impossible. The financial burden, the distance to a clinic – all these obstacles stand between you and the help you desperately need. This harsh reality is faced by many in underserved communities like Mayenjane. Thankfully, there is hope.

The Kudvumisa community clinic, in partnership with Mikael H, a donor from Sweden, facilitated a heartwarming medical outreach visit in Mayenjane just a few weeks ago. Held at the children's care point run by CFC Church, this initiative wasn't just about treating patients – it was about creating hope in a community yearning for better healthcare. As we went about our day, the team actively listened to patients, gaining invaluable insights into the community's healthcare struggles. Upper respiratory tract infections, gastric ulcers, and epigastric pain emerged as prevalent concerns.

Nurse setting up her consultation station

One resident, Gogo Dlamini, left a profound mark on our hearts. Her warm smile and gentle spirit epitomized the strength residing within this community. Like many elderly residents, Gogo Dlamini's health had become a source of worry, further burdened by financial constraints that made seeking medical attention a challenge. Gogo Dlamini, with a twinkle in her eye, shared stories of her youth as our medical staff provided her with care. The sigh of relief that washed over her, and countless others like her, during our visit, was a powerful testament to the impact of outreach programs.

Gogo Dlamini

As we set up stations around the care point, the joyful chatter of little boys and girls enjoying their daily meals filled the air. This served as a moving reminder of the future we strive to create – one where all underserved communities in rural Lubombo in Eswatini have access to a good quality of life, with health at its core.

Children at the care point

This outreaches we do through our clinic underscores the power of community. It speaks volumes of what can be achieved when we unite for a good cause. 

Would you like to join us in creating access to quality, compassionate healthcare? Visit: to support our mission.

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