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Solar Lights: A Gift of Light and Hope for Rural Communities

One of the major challenges faced by rural communities in Eswatini is the lack of access to electricity. Although the country’s rural electrification rate rose from 68.1 % in 2020 to 80.54 % in 2022, many homes in remote communities are still in the dark.

The lack of electricity has a number of negative consequences for these remote and often isolated communities such as difficulty in accessing basic services such as education & healthcare, social isolation, reduced agricultural productivity and even difficulty in pursuing economic upliftment. As part of our community outreach, we have over the last few months donated multiple solar powered lamps and lanterns, most of which were made accessible to us through Comfort For Africa. These solar powered light are truly helping to ease the challenges of living without electricity.

Solar power has the potential to revolutionise access to electricity in these rural communities. It is a clean, renewable, and decentralised energy source that can be deployed even in remote areas where traditional grid infrastructure is not available. Through this outreach of solar powered lights, nearby communities can improve their quality of life, children can do homework at night without relying on dim candle light and breadwinners can access economic opportunities. The goal is simply to make a significant positive impact on the lives of people in rural Lubombo.

Our organisation is fuelled by the generosity of everyday people like you. Let's make an impact together; donate towards our mission by visiting the donate page.

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