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Sihawu Clinic - Approved for accreditation.

The ministry of health has a system of approving clinical sites for the ordering and distribution of Antiretroviral therapy. This is important in maintaining national standards and giving accurate statistics and oversight to ensure best clinical practices are maintained. Since opening last year, Sihawu has done all of its ordering for HIV supplies and ARVs through the Kudvumisa Community clinic.

The process for Sihawu to obtain accreditation was done by the regional and national health teams. The clinic received multiple site visits to ensure that proper facility guidelines were in place: from human resources and data collection to pharmacy and patient care, all the way to proper medical/biohazard waste disposal.

After three visits by the MoH team, Sihawu Clinic was recognized for its hard work in ensuring that all government standards were being met. The clinic has since been approved for accreditation as a stand-alone facility within the Lubombo region, granting Sihawu its facility code which will let for ordering supplies and medication. This is such a big deal for the clinic and shoulf assist in receiving the proper support for training and improvement as needed. This accreditation will also provide the Ministry of Health oversight to see that we are following national guidelines.

While Sihawu Clinic is still part of the Kudvumisa Foundation, this accreditation means the facility is no longer a ‘child facility’ but is established as an individual functioning site. What a great way to close off the year!

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