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Ngonini Outreach: Reaching the isolated.

Beginning in September, the Sihawu team started visiting a new site called Ngonini. If you were to look on the map, it would appear as being only a 30 minutes drive from the clinic to the location. However, the actual driving time is over an hour due to the poor condition of the roads. Public transport to this area is also quite scarce, only going through twice a day.

On the team’s last visit there, a family member came to the staff requesting medicine for their grandfather at home. The nurses were hesitant to give medicine without seeing the patient, so when they were finished with the outreach, they drove to this family’s homestead. Here, they found a man lying on the floor, unable to sit up without assistance. He had run out of medication and the family was unable to get him to a hospital to receive the medicine he needs. The Sihawu staff members assessed his condition and supplied him with what he needed.

As we visit these remote communities, we are grateful for the resources to help bring care to the isolated who are unable to come to get it for themselves. It’s a good reminder that even though the numbers continue to increase at the Sihawu clinic site, there is still a large population within the area that is still in need of help

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