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Impacting communities: Sihawu Clinic's Outreach program.

With the resources that God has given us, including the help of our generous donors, the amazing team at Sihawu Clinic can pour out the love of God in their communities. Through regular medical outreaches, the team visits marginalized communities and gets to be God’s hands and feet to those in need. This has been a great blessing to many lives, especially during this covid-19 pandemic.

These outreaches help provide many healthcare services such as the early detection of potentially harmful infections at a community level, educational sessions to raise awareness on preventive measures, community empowerment, food parcel distribution as well as social support. This, supported by sharing the love of Christ, has greatly impacted communities in this part of the country.

It’s incredible to see how the proclamation of the Gospel and the prayers conducted during the outreaches not only bring instant relief to their physiological oppression but an eternal hope.

We’re also glad that the outreach program enables the elderly to freely access medical services, making it conveniently available to them as many often struggle with travel costs and having to walk long distances to reach a healthcare facility. All glory to God and immense gratitude to everyone contributing to Sihawu’s impact. Your generosity is helping to put smiles on faces and bring hope to marginalized communities.

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